Bakery Items Made Fresh Daily

When it's hot in the Central Valley, this is the place to be! The restaurant is located in the town of Big Creek, about halfway between Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake on the old Huntington Lake Road. There are a variety of fun activities to do in the area, including hiking up the falls and relaxing in the many little pools along the way. The staff will even pack up a lunch for you to carry along.

At The Down to Earth Bakery and Deli, inside the Big Creek General Store, you can buy Nancy’s Lemon Ice Box Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches and S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Browse the bakery case for freshly baked cinnamon rolls, lemon bars, bread pudding, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, cookies, brownies and cheesecakes. Let us box up a few of your favorites to take home with you.

If you are out early in the morning, come in for a cup of hot something, along with a delicious pastry of your choice. You can have more than one! It is relaxing to sit out on the front patio area and watch the coming and going of the street traffic.

For lunch, there are several selections from which to chose. They include Smoked Brisket, Chicken of Pork sandwiches, fresh salads, tacos and many other delights. Check out our Menu. The diner is open from nine in the morning until six o'clock in the evening, seven days a week.

The Big Creek General Store can fix you up with some prime, grass fed beef from Hornitos Beef. There are several cuts available. If you so desire, you can purchase a quarter, half or whole beef from the ranchers. Just check out Hornitos Beef for further information and to order directly from them.